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Friday, May 8, 2009

Wax Museum

James had a research project for school with an unusual presentation. The kids had to research a famous person, and then present some basic information as if they were part of a wax musuem. Each kid had to hold a pose until someone pressed the "button" that was in front of them. James chose Jim Henson.

Egg Drop

Dylan's 3rd grade class had an egg drop challenge this week. They had to make a container to protect an egg after being dropped off the roof of the school. Dylan made his out of a Dorito's can, and 4 doughnuts (2 beneath the egg, and 2 above). Then dad helped him duct tape the can shut.

Here's Dylan trying to get the can open to check on his egg...

Don't know yet....

It Lives!

Dylan with his egg and container, with his proud daddy behind...

Cameron and Dylan's Birthday Party

We celebrated Cameron's first birthday and Dylan's ninth birthday together since their birthdays are only 11 days apart. Unfortunately, Cameron wasn't feeling very well, so he didn't enjoy his cake and presents like he should have.

The other kids braved the swimming pool, and had a blast. Dylan got to try out his present from Aunt Chris and Uncle Kenny, an underwater skateboard!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ashley's in Time Out!

Ashley participated in the Junior Guard Start program last summer, and her picture was taken while she helped out during swim lessons. This summer her picture appeared in the Parks and Rec class schedule called "Time Out". Some of our friends from church saw her and told us. You can see for yourself at