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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergarten Beach Day!

Every year, just before school is out, the kindergarten classes have their annual Beach Day. It is all set up on their playground, and is a lot of fun.

Under the big playground slide, they set up a pool, and put a hose at the top to make a water slide. Here's Kaitlynn getting ready to go down the slide. Behind her is Sergio, a boy in her class.

And here she is at the bottom!

After they've been playing awhile, there is plenty of wet sand to make moats, sandcastles, and ponds.

Kaitlynn and Katie Heitman (a friend from class)

The dolphin slide! (that's Brenna down in the corner) There is a line for this slide the whole time they are outside.

After they spent the morning "at the beach" they went inside for lunch and a movie ("Finding Nemo, of course).

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