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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Patriot's Day

Zaharis has a school assembly each year on Patriot's Day. This year, both James and Dylan were able to participate in the flag ceremony. Since James was the oldest scout participating, he got to call it, and Dylan was part of the Color Guard.

And one of James singing in the choir. It's a bit over exposed, but the sun was coming up over the building, and I couldn't even see what I was taking!


  1. Hi Kerianne! Great blog! How did you get your Facebook fan box to be so nice? In mine, the words and pics get cut off...Can you help me? Thanks, Sarah

  2. Hey Sarah. I got it to fit by editing the HTML that you get from Facebook. Go to your dashboard and click on layout.Then click on the edit button for the box that has your fan box in it.
    About 1/2 way down, you'll see a line that says something similar to: fb:fan connections="10" width="200", except the number after the width will be larger. Highlight the number and make it small. I just played until it fit nicely. 200 was my magic number.

    Hope this helps!

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